The moves by Kenny might look blind to you, but he has gone into this offseason with a purpose.

You may be thinking:

What is Kenny doing? Trading his pitching away for younger, unproven pitchers?

Newsflash: He’s building a cheap, talented, young core of pitchers that can be used now, and in the future. He’s not making moves, just to "make moves." He’s building for the expensive future.

I would say Kenny is one of the best general managers in the Major Leagues right now. His payroll does not have to be 150 mil+ like Boston, New York (I’m pretty sure both teams are) and the hated Chicago Cubs.

He has a sub-$100 mil payroll. And he is determined to win another world series.

Kenny has a lot of confidence in the hard-working… scratch that, miracle-working pitching coach, Don Cooper. Look what ‘Coop has done to Matt Thornton, Mike MacDougal, Neal Cotts, and Bobby Jenks! He’s transformed the m, after they were given up on by their former teams. (Neal Cotts is an exception)

If you don’t think ‘Coop can fix  Floyd, and Sisco and all these other young guys, I think you may just be wrong.

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