White Sox and their payroll matters..

With the prices of all these free-agents skyrocketing, the White Sox have traded a few very good pitchers that could potentially cost a very big amount of money, for young, high-ceiling prospects and major-leaguers such as Andy Sisco, Gavin Floyd, and John Danks.

Now, the White Sox have a few more things to worry about, though.

Joe Crede, the White-Sox home-grown 3rd baseman, recently has blossomed into a star at his position. He can hit, he’s a clutch, natural power hitter. He won’t always post above a .300 avg, but he will drive in 90-100 runs every year, and he’s quiet. Great attitude, he’s a team player.

Jermaine Dye, arguably the face of the White Sox last year, is a free agent after ’07, as is Joe Crede.  The White Sox seem to refuse to pay big money for their players, no matter how good they may be. 

The White Sox have a potential replacement for Joe Crede, in Josh Fields. He is a blossoming prospect that has been reported "major-league ready" for ’07.

This is all obvious, this stuff I am posting right now. But, there’s another thing I have to say.

White Sox have stockpiled their young pitching, acquiring:

Gavin Floyd
Gio Gonzalez
Ramon Vazquez
David Aardsma
John Danks
Nick Masset
Andy Sisco

and even a few more guys.
They have a rotation for the future.

But they have some glaring weaknesses.

Leadoff spot/Left Field.
Shortstop, possibly. (Depending on your view of Juan Uribe)

Podsednik has proved to be inconsistent, and he seems to be losing his talent. He is still young however.

I’ll post more later.

This is my first post on MLBlogs, I want to see if people actually read this?


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